Tom's Antique Telephones

~~ Holtzer Cabot Desk Stand with Ness Automatic Switch

~~ 1900's American Electric Fancy Central Energy Telephones

~~ 1890's Viaduct Mfg. Co. Wall Switchboard Telephone

~~ 1900's Baird Mfg. Co. Secret Service Party Line  Telephone with Lock-Out attachment.

~~ Stromberg Carlson "Central Energy" Cabinet Desk Telephone

~~ 1886 Viaduct Mfg. Co. 3 box telephones with Turnbull transmitters

~~ 1900 Kellogg Divided Exchange Push Button Set used by The Cuyahoga Telephone Co. in Cleveland, OH. 

For more information, click on the photo to open a pdf document about this Kellogg phone.