~~ Early 1900's Gamewell Fire House

Oak 18" combined Gong Indicator

~~ Gamewell Umbrella style tapper bell for sounding alarms in the home or offices of the Fire Chiefs or Commissioners.

~~ 1880's Walnut Victorian Shaving Mug Cabinet

~~ An 1890's Upright Cabinet Model Regina Music Box Double Comb  27" Disk

~~ 1880 Gamewell Fire House Walnut Victorian 18" Gong

Tom's Antique Telephones

~~ A Hearse or Undertaker 

Occupational Shaving Mug 

~~ Fireman's Presentation Trumpet ( Mega Horn or Bull Horn ). This one is inscribed "Presented to John Cass, Foreman of Warren Engine Co. No. 3 by the Members Plainfield NJ 1871"