Tom's Antique Telephones

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 ~~ 1904 Western Electric 30A Peg Dialer

~~ 1892 American Bell Telephone No. 2 Desk Stand for Speaking Tube Service

~~ 1895 San Francisco Pot Belly Desk Stand made by California Electrical Works, Pacific Coast agents for Western Electric co. 

~~ 1880 Charles Williams Jr. 3 box telephone set made for The American Bell Telephone Company with a Blake Transmitter and 101 Bell Telephone Receiver.

~~ 1890 Western Electric Cabinet Desk Phone

~~ 1890 Western Electric 6' Floor Tandem

~~ 1890's Western Electric Grave Marker top 52" tandem wall telephone with a rare glass front top box and 242 arm bracket with 7 digit transmitter made for The American Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co.